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Game Changing Identity

Each of us has potential greatness! There are ways that we can impact the world around us that is unique to who we are!

The challenge comes when we haven't lived up to it yet. We forget the dream that touched our hearts as a youth. We also struggle because we see the greatness of others and assume that since we are not like them that greatness isn't for us!

But think about this, if greatness is defined by Bill Gates, is Mother Teresa not great?

Greatness is defined by how we live not as much by what we do. It is magnified when we do what we are supposed to do!

It can be found in the boardroom or the classroom, the mission field or in the operation room. But it always involves a person who knows they are supposed to be there!

Unstoppable Destiny

Your ultimate goal is within you!

We often look for every external factor to shape our destiny. Whether it is people, things or circumstances we try to produce greatness by appearances. Truthfully, it comes from who we are on the inside.

History tells us about the Underground Railroad and how it defined the greatness that was Harriet Tubman. But her secret to fulfilling her destiny was realized in her heart before it happened.

Long before the first train ride, she set a course that the forces of hate could not stop! I believe she and those who followed her were free in spirit before they experienced it.

Likewise, we make internal decisions every day that define our destiny. Those who become great make the decision to be great before the moment of decision.

Former Major League baseball great, Joe Carter, tells a story of being a young boy in Oklahoma City. He listened to a pro baseball player say that of the hundreds of boys in the room, only one would make it. Joe's thought in that moment? "The rest of you guys might as well go home!" In 1993 that little boy, now grown, hit the home run that clinched the World Series for the Toronto Blue Jays.

Self-Seeing Vision

When you look into the mirror what do you see? The aim is to see your future. In the fairy tales, the mirror on the wall always told the truth.

Your mirror will too. If you will train it. Learn to look past the imperfections and see the possibilities.

You have to see what you want, not what you think you see! Don't limit yourself to where you are in life. Instead look into your mirror and see your future. It's an attitude!

Dream Ownership

Renters have a temporary approach to life. They know that where they live actually belongs to someone else. So it is easy to leave the scene when times get tough. This is how many approach dreams. They like an idea of who they want to be, but when adversity comes, they are quick to put it on the shelf and move on.

Owners are different. Owners are invested. They understand that to lose the dream is to lose part of themselves. So when things go wrong, and they will, owners dig down deep to find a way to make things work. No surprise, owners enjoy much more success than renters!

You will learn sure fire strategies to Dream Ownership. Because renting just won't do!

Mobilizing Resources

Success really depends on making the most of the resources available! You canít use what you donít have but often times when we use what we have we find more.

Visionary Impact will help you identify the resources at your disposal. When you understand what you have, you can employ it to the best of your ability!

An athlete, when she first begins her dream, is short on knowledge and skills to reach the pinnacle of their sport. Michael Jordan is said to have been cut from his high school basketball team.

This could have been the end of what was the greatest basketball player of all time. But he recognized what he had and employed it. Then he added the necessary elements to advance his talents.

By identifying what he had, even in the face of failure, he brought everything together and fulfilled his dream!

While you may not dominate the NBA, if you learn and employ these principles you can be very successful in your chosen field!

The Influence Factor

The book of Proverbs tells us that "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he."

The root of this truth is that our thoughts create the sum of our lives. It is suffice to say that the person who controls his thoughts will dictate his life.

We see it all the time. Twins grow up in the same house with the same parenting. One excels the other is an utter failure. The difference is found between the ears.

Through Visionary Impact you can learn to dictate your thoughts and live the life you have always dreamed of!