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About Ron

What is it about Ron? Born at a time when poverty and hardship were the expected way of life, Ron faced many challenges. He was told he would be dead or in jail before he was 18 and that he would never graduate from high school. Everything around him screamed, “You are destined to fail!” That is where he learned that what is inside you matters more than what is outside!

It was at the age of 9 when Ron began to formulate a dream that would lead him out of a circumstance that still entraps many. His dream of becoming a professional football player directed his energies from fighting against the odds and instead, fighting for his future.

That decision led Ron to graduate from college, play professional football, build a successful business and have a wonderful family! Ron has four children and 3 grandchildren. He resides in Kansas City, MO. The principles that equipped him to achieve beyond the negative expectations are the principles he teaches through Visionary Impact!

The principles include what Ron calls “Game Changer” Identity, Unstoppable destiny, Self Seeing, Dream Ownership, Mobilizing Resources and the Influence Factor. Each of these principles inter-connect and help you take actions that shape the world you live in!