Ron Freeman Visionary Impact
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"Your message touched our members and encouraged them to never give up! You let them know just how important it is to set goals, prioritize and achieve their dreams."

Judy Laster,
Executive Director of the Florida School Nutrition Association

"Visionary Impact is a solid program and your presentation was, to say the least, inspiring. You made a difference in the way we do business! One employee was able to create sayings worth more than 10 times the cost of your program. Thanks for helping us enhance our bottom line!"

Joe Balentine,
President Cross First Bank

"In an enthusiastic union of form and substance, Ron Freeman inspired and informed our advisor base! Myself and all of my colleagues felt as though we were having a personal conversation with Ron. He raised our expectations. Ron Freeman also set the bar by which all future speakers will be measured!"

Doug Ciocca,
Managing Director, Kansas City Renaissance Financial

"Ron Freeman's dynamic presentation helped our team weather a tough economic storm. He help us reconnect with our company's founding principles and to focus on our success during turbulent economic times!"

Ernie Straub,
President Straub Construction